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20 September 2016
Jim and Colette Harbison hosted the group for a driveway party. Everyone enjoyed visiting and Colette's great food.
16 September 2016
We met at Evans Prairie, this time on a Friday, went for a ride and stopped at TooJay's for dinner.
18 August 2016
We met at Evans Prairie and went for a short ride before dinner at Gators Dockside in Brownwood. After dinner we went for another ride and ended at Evans Prairie.
18 August 2016
These pictures were taken by Mary Mach during the August ride.
21 July 2016
We met at Evans Prairie, rode up to Colony Rec Center, and on to the Burger Station in the Colony Shopping Center. After dinner we went for another ride when it was a little cooler. And spotted a rainbow.
19 May 2016
We gathered at Evans Prairie and rode up to Seabreeze, picked up a couple more SouthSiders and rode up to Perkins for dinner.
21 April 2016
We met at Evans Prairie and headed out for a ride. Ended at Evergreen Buffet in Pinellas Plaza.
24 March 2016
We rode from Evans Prairie up to Belle Glade for dinner. Timing was great - it started raining just as everyone returned home.
18 February 2016
Ride from Evans Prarie to Gator's Dockside in Brownwood. A shorter ride since the evenings are a little cool.
31 January 2016
The Southsiders rode up to the Streetrod Owners Poker Run. Here's a link to a video posted by Cheryl Burke:
19 December 2015
Some of the SouthSiders gathered for a ride to view Christmas lights. A big thanks to Mary Mach for the pictures.
15 October 2015
Rode up to Perkins for dinner. Perfect weather!
19 September 2015
10 carts rode together up to the Streetrod Owner Appreciation Event
17 September 2015
We rode from Colony Rec Center to Cody's in Brownwood.
20 August 2015
A ride through the rain to Cane Garden Country Club for dinner. Some arrived by cart and some by car, a total of 20!
16 July 2015
7 carts head to Bob Evans for brunch, and meet up with 2 cars - go to for a video of the carts (thanks Marcia)
18 June 2015
dinner at Perkins Restaurant
25 May 2015
6 carts ride to Lake Sumter Landing for ice cream
21 May 2015
10 carts head to Mallory Hill
22 April 2015
April ride to Palmer Legends
19 February 2015
dinner at Evans Prairie Country Club
16 January 2015
ride to Cane Garden for dinner
14 December 2014
A few of us went for a ride to view Christmas lights and then stopped for hot drinks. Pictures are marginal - most of them were taken from a moving Streetrod.
10 December 2014
SouthSiders ride to Lake Sumter Landing for our Christmas dinner.
16 October 2014
Our afternoon ride to Steak 'n Shake on Wedgewood Lane.
18 September 2014
Our first gathering, ride, and dinner.